Do graphic designers make a lot of money

How do graphic designers make money - I make steady money from blogging (both here at millo and for other bloggers who are willing to pay me), i make steady money from affiliate work, i make steady money from referring some clients to other designers, and i make steady money from many other little avenues of income. . i agree that it's one of those topics that we as designers hear frequently but it is so reassuring to read through the comments and see how alike most of us are in our drive to succeed as not only artists but also as entrepreneurs. Sign up with adwords and promote your design services…go past a school or high traffic area and ask to put your design services sign up and pay the school or residential home owners a small instalment per month…make it a win win deal. Well passion is power…stick with it…live it, talk about it wherever, add to it, like: email marketing (create adverts for companies, business card designs, logo designs – aaa logo maker…wordpress surveys and polls on yr blog.

How Much Money Do Graphic Designers Make?

Graphic Design: How Much Money Do Graphic Designers Make? If you are wondering how much graphic designers are paid this ...