Do interpreters make good money

Do bloggers make money - [asl interpreter] | education needed to become an asl interpreter [salaries] | the salaries of translators also viewed [court interpreters] | roles and duties of court interpreters [linguist] | how to become an urdu linguist and translator [certified mediator] | certified mediator salaries [salary] | salary of an interpreter in the government [require bilingual spanish] | jobs that require bilingual spanish & english [court reporter] | steps to becoming a court reporter [courthouse clerk] | roles of a courthouse clerk. References (8) bureau of labor statistics occupational outlook handbook: interpreters and translatorslos angeles superior court: court interpreterunited states courts: current fees for contract interpretersnew york state unified court system: court interpreting services career informationnajit: frequently asked questions about court and legal interpreting and translatingsuperior court of california: county of orangeflorida state courts: court interpreternational center for state courts: court interpreters about the author helen akers specializes in business and technology topics. Photo credits comstock/comstock/getty images suggest an article correction related searches more articles [sign language translator] | jobs as a sign language translator [court reporter make] | how much money does a court reporter make? National average and range the average salary for interpreters and translators in all industries is ,300 a year, as of may 2010, according to the bureau of labor statistics, or bls.

How much can a Freelance Translator Earn

There's a pretty enormous gap between what's normal and what's possible. Per word translation rates in the US, for example, tend ...