Do you get paid for having followers on instagram

Get paid for likes on instagram - Most of these social people work harder then most to earn less than you could make working at mcdonald's getting people to believe that they can make money is how they get people to keep using senseless programs like instagram i mean seriously do you really think other people really care that much about what you are doing every… read more »vote up0vote down  reply8 months 9 days agoguesttaskmastershare on twittershare on googlei feel you jen. Index looking at the earning potential of 'professional' instagrammers found that those with 10,000 followers, accounting for 1 per cent of users in the uk, can net themselves a considerable £15,600 a year by posting with the same frequencydr mariann hardey, lecturer at durham university, said: 'when we think of jobs that pay six figure salaries we immediately think doctors, lawyers – or anything with "executive", "chief" or "director" in the title. Meffan, loved online for her fitspiration posts, could earn £300 per post thanks to the number of followers she has on instagram accounts with 17,000 followers can earn £26,520 a year – above the average salary in the uk, whilst bigger influencers with over 100,000+ followers, representing over 10,000 uk accounts, could earn a six figure salary of £156,000 a year - the same as a harley street doctor or lawyer. From these successful instagram accountsaside from the success stories we've featured in this article, here are some other top instagram accounts to admire and emulate:@garypeppergirl: one woman's fashion and lifestyle photos (1 million followers)@joythebaker: food and baking photos (181k followers)@purposeofenvy: gorgeous landscape shots (894k followers)@thefatjewish: funny photos and quotes (2.

Getting Paid For Instagram? Gaining Followers | Part 1

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