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Ios app earn money - It's very clear from the name and masthead of the magazine what we were about - always bear in mind that users are going to see a lot of apps on the store, and assume that they will give your app only the very briefest of glances. Copycats will damage the prospects of a successful app - some users will be confused and buy the alternative by mistake, while others will choose to go for the clone because it's cheaper (most clones are free, and aim to make their money back through in-app purchases). Enough people download apps on the strength of an appearance at the top of the charts to make this largely self-sustaining: you get to the top, you pick up lots of new users, and this helps you stay there, at least for a while. While you may not need to get money back on shower gel every week, you can usually earn when you buy milk, a loaf of bread, eggs and even a lettuce and they feature well know, family favourites to earn something back on.

Money Making App: Daily Cash

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