Earn money online using paypal

Earn money online via paypal - A quick question: if i'm not yet established as a sole proprietor (which i'm going to do) and i'm already have lots of web-site related expenses using my paypal account, will i be able to take these expenses into consideration once i set up as a sole proprietor and file income tax? *as reported in nielsen's paypal credit average order value study for activity occurring from april 2015 to march 2016 (small merchants) and october 2015 to march 2016 (midsize merchants), which compared paypal credit transactions to credit and debit card transactions on websites that offer paypal credit as a payment option or within the paypal wallet. I'm particularly interested in stopping any money leaks, like hosting for a site i'm not writing at any more, premium subscriptions that i'm not taking advantage of or services i'm no longer using.  fees – these are automatically deducted from each transaction so it's unlikely you have to manually tuck them away, but it's good to keep in mind that money is being taken here too.