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Part time work from home dallas - I work all day and usually didn't get home before 5pm to be able to have my ‘assignment' done before 845 so i would get up at 530am get ready for my offline job then clock in at appen at 6am because i wasn't allowed to start before that time, work for an hour, then leave in time to get to my offline job that is an hour away. It seemed like they kept adding more requirements and that the right hand of their company didn't know what the left was doing and their rating tool kept ‘breaking' for lack of a better term, but they still wanted you to get your work done on time even if it was their technoogy causing the problem. I've found that you won't hear from them for sometime and then out of the blue, you'll get an email inviting you to test 🙂 sometimes it really is just luck of the draw and applying at a time when they happen to be actively recruiting candidates. Worked for appen and hated every minute of it because they were very particular and nit picked everything because they didn't bother to really train anyone outside of a vague 31 page booklet so it was a relief to me when they terminated my contract.

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