Easiest way to transfer money online

Easiest way to transfer money - Whether you want to send a monetary gift for your niece's birthday, painlessly split a restaurant bill with friends, or even pay your rent without ordering a new checkbook, the best way to send money may just be one of the apps below. Whether your college-aged kid needs a couple hundred bucks for books or you have only 48 hours to pay for the ultimate "star wars" collectable that you won in an online auction, you're going to need a safe way to send money. However, there are fees to use the service, and they depend on how much you send your money and how fast you want it sent (options are immediate delivery, next-day delivery, or standard delivery, which takes up to three business days). Instead of physically going to a bank or transfer company and filling out ample amounts of paperwork to get the job done, all you need is a bank account or credit card and a connection to the internet.

Cheapest Way to Send Money Online - TransferWise

What's the cheapest way to send money abroad? In this video, I compare Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, Xoom, and ...