Easy way to earn money in pokemon fire red

Best way to earn money in pokemon x - While you have to wait around for other pokemon trainers to call you for battles (or schedule battles with gym leaders), the elite four is available to battle every day and time of the week. As you are playing your pokemon game, these pokemon trainers may decide to call you back at random; sometimes it's just to talk, and sometimes it's to challenge you to another battle. Detailgame boy advancegame freak / nintendorelease: sep 7, 2004 »see also: pokemon leafgreen versionalso known as: pocket monsters firered (jp)franchise: pokemone - titles rated e (everyone) have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older. If you are planning to battle the elite four, try to have pokemon in your party of at least level 45, and level 55 or level 60 if you want to ensure victory.

How to make money in Pokemon Fire Red

Like a baws. Forgot to add that payday is only learnt by meowth by reaching level 17 with one(no TMs). Happy grinding! Song 1: ...