Examples of great landing pages

Examples of landing pages - This landing page from happify, an app that tracks emotional behavior over time to promote a happier outlook, leverages this technique very well:In addition to the visuals, which suggest the kind of freedom and time to relax and indulge that many of us lack these days, the copy is powerfully persuasive. One of the best examples of aspirational copy on a landing page i've ever come across is this landing page by artist funding site patreon:Patreon connects working artists with fans of their work, who support their favorite artists financially through small donations and contributions. Check out this example from the now-defunct video chat app awesometalk:Although awesometalk folded a while back, this landing page remains a great example of how directly addressing your visitors and appealing to their emotions can make even a relatively common online service significantly more attractive. In fact, taking a more subtle approach can be very compelling, as this example from college social network campustap demonstrates:This minimal landing page might not appear to offer much in the way of valuable information, but it actually says a great deal.

Landing Pages Best Practices: Examples, Advice and Tips

http://www.mlwebco.com - In this video I discuss the best practices to designing landing pages. I provide some examples, offer ...