File server for small office

Server for small office network - Apart from the extensive storage on offer for the price of around 00; this server's all-round compatibility is a primary reason why the ds1513+ is my first preference whenever any small business consults me to choose a reliable, yet affordable server. We are looking at the most affordable servers for a small business, we'll be covering more nas servers in this article, as they are cheaper and offer the most basic features required by a business. Used the proliant micro server from hp for a couple of business clients and found it pretty effective in basic tasks and functionalities, such as file sharing, printer sharing, emails, web interfaces and database hosting. Organization needs to go for an affordable server that provides certain key features, which are required by the firm immediately or shortly, according to the learning experience i've had while working for different businesses.

How to Build Office Network Part 1 - Servers

I working on number of new video's to explain how to setup a office network with around 15 users which work from two office ...