Financing a small business purchase

Financing a small business purchase - Their approach could come in handy for many would-be buyers, given that 33% of deals now take place when owners are retiring, according to the 3rd quarter 2014 market pulse survey published by the international business brokers association (ibba), m&a source and the pepperdine private capital market project. If you are an entrepreneur looking into purchasing a business, there are a few items to consider when seeking financing for the acquisition that may strengthen your viability as a loan candidate and your ability to tap into a variety of potential financing sources. For the buyer, this provides some flexibility in repaying the loan, such as negotiating a longer repayment period, a temporary reprieve from payments, or reducing the price in exchange for letting the owner keep some equity in the business. The 7(a) program, which has been around since 1953, will incentivize a bank to make a loan for the acquisition of a business by guaranteeing 75% of the loan that the bank makes to the borrower.

Should I get a small business loan to buy a business

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