Free internet marketing tools

Internet as a marketing tool - Ang great post and guide, getting inspired by a number of marketers and i have come up with my resource page which includes some great tool which honeslty some of theme are paid but great , for for sure i will include some of the tools you have mentioned here , thanks and regards. I first wrote this post i recommended the google keyword tool, but now it's been renamed to the google keyword planner, but is still an indispensable tool alongside the google webmaster tools integration now that the growth of not provided keywords means we can't use analytics reliably to find referring keywords. Sure, you can manage your twitter profile directly via twitter (an always free option), or you can try out tools like just unfollow, which allows for bulk sorting and filtering of your followers, along with insights into the demographics of the people in your audience. That's been folded into adwords as the campaign planner and now limited to media sites, but still useful for finding size and quality of audience for partner and media sites and don't forget about the related google placement targeting tool useful for remarketing and research.