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Investment banking courses online free -   warren buffett on the other hand seeks to obtain an intimate knowledge of the business with regard to (1) the certainty of the long-term economic goodwill (discounted earnings) in terms of (3) the transparency and (3) integrity of management in light of the (3) purchase price of the firm and finally (4) taxes and inflation that erode investing capital over time. Gives us a signal that he does occasionally use ratios when he writes,“investing in junk bonds and investing in stocks are alike in certain ways: both activities require us to make a price-value calculation and also to scan hundreds of securities to find the very few that have attractive reward/risk ratios.  this security market line has most recently been characterized as …• currencies: 0% • real estate: 0%• bonds: 3%• futures: 4%• market: 9%• size: 11%  • low book-to-market value firms: 15%• ex ante positive firm earnings announcements: 17%• momentum:17%• ex ante international firm earnings announcements: 21%from these real-world expected returns, you can approximate the capital asset pricing model (capm). Thus i've excluded a lot of other invaluable reading stuff (including security analysis) out there, but that is for someone who has already learnt the basic art of investing sensibly and independently, and wants to keep on learning more.