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Designing a corporate website - If you're not sure what you exactly want, if you're not sure about how the website should function, what code it should be written in or what platform should be used and if you don't have a good eye for design (any of the above) then i would say you're better off going with a more pricey developer from europe/us rather than outsourcing from india. Was burnt both in the uk and india… i also had great results from the uk and india… the only difference was when my uk site was a home run it cost me 00 (and was a basic ecommerce site but had beautiful design) and when my website made in india was a home run it cost me about 0 and was much more complex than the uk website. For us, the complexities of using and designing around a content management system (or tool that allows you to update your own website) is usually a bit more time consuming then coding html from scratch – additionally there are a lot of customer service, content, and small testing requirements that eat up time and budgets for all projects – but which make up a significant fraction of smaller projects. I designed a 5 page site in html for a pizza company, then moved onto a 15 page site in html that barely gets edited (will be moving to wordpress soon), then went to a realestate wordpress site that is tied into a blog and mls listings and then jumped into a magento ecommerce web store on wordpress too – i have more but that's the basics.

How to Make a Website - Web Design Tutorial

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