Get paid 5 dollars per click

Get paid per referral click - What facebook is tracking is clicks on your ad that are delivered away to your website, we are able to track this no matter which secure network users are on due to the action they take (the click), while google analytics (while i'm not able to speak 100% to how they work) are only able to track the source of people who are not on a secure network. Actually it's facebook's way of getting regular clients making pay by showing those downwards trend graph and giving priority to premium user ( paid ads ) :) you should use those same product images on some popular business portals like indiabizclub to leverage most out of that images :)

. I will never spend any money on paid advertising for my website appthugs [link removed] it is a brand new site and we do android application reviews and i am still building content, but i have a plan as to how i am going to market it and promote it when the time is right. People are talking about my website on other sites and promoting my site for free only because i am providing good useful content and even though its not driving a lot of traffic at the moment but it is increasing by each day that pass by, which is more than you get from paid likes.