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Get paid cash to click ads - The use of 0-size iframes and other techniques involving human visitors may also be combined with the use of incentivized traffic, where members of "paid to read" (ptr) sites are paid small amounts of money (often a fraction of a cent) to visit a website and/or click on keywords and search results, sometimes hundreds or thousands of times every day[6] some owners of ptr sites are members of ppc engines and may send many email ads to users who do search, while sending few ads to those who do not. Entrepreneur and journalist john battelle describes click fraud as the "decidedly black-hat" practice of publishers illegitimately gaming paid search advertising by employing robots or low-wage workers to repeatedly click on each adsense ad on their sites, thereby generating money to be paid by the advertiser to the publisher and to google. In one case, google (acting as both an advertiser and advertising network) won a lawsuit against a texas company called auction experts (acting as a publisher), which google accused of paying people to click on ads that appeared on auction experts' site, costing advertisers ,000. * is a fun survey site that pays you for completing short online tasks in virtual cash - you can then exchange this for real money, paypal credits or gift cards to spend at amazon, m&s and more.

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