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Paid for writing online - And (soon to be ex-) journalist cinthia ritchie made 0 to 0 per article writing oddball news reports, including the stories of a man who worked at a water treatment plant and couldn't get a date because he couldn't get the smell off his skin, and a woman who got bitten on the behind by a moose. My first small blog, big income e-book, i talk about how i guest posted weekly for a year for free on another writing website with a similar small audience to my own, just for the practice of learning how to serve another audience and write strong headlines and posts. For me i strongly hold the fact that whether a website is paying you for writing or you just submit your article to impact positively on your readers, they should have editors who amend your little or much mistakes and help the message out to the readers. , given the inadequate k-6 and k-12 education most americans have received since around 1966 and the prevalence of errors i'm seeing in today's writing, both on and off the internet, i'm guessing i'm one of the few who will both notice and care.

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