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Get paid to use your cell phone - Michael roche, i am a user of your app instant rewards and i have been trying to contact someone from instant rewards for three months now for usd owed to me via paypal that i have not received yet … i am owed from 6/5 and from 7/5 and you have ignored me this whole time your phone number is bogus … no one ever answers. To prevent you from gaming the system, pact verifies all of your activities, using your gps to verify you've gone to the gym, linking with a fitness tracker to confirm you've taken a run, checking your food logs in myfitnesspal, and ensuring you ate your veggies through photos of your meals. And then after that, it's up to you: you can swipe in one direction to skip the ad and go directly to your home screen, or you can swipe in another direction to go to the company's website, facebook page or video for more information. Watching videos earns you very little (a point or two each, which amounts to fractions of a penny), you can run perk tv on your phone and it will autoplay videos while you do other things, making it one of the lowest effort apps on this list.

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