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Get paid to view ads - 't worry as an indian no need to worry about paypal its a gateway for online transactions these ptc sites they are using the payment gateways on my experience paypal is the best gateway i ever known there are some other gateways i also did neobux and probux and i get payments through paypal first of all signup in paypal and then add your information what they are asking and add your local bank account what ever u have that's it its really simple. Let me know the genuine online job which i can take up , if so , if u could give me some references along with there phone numbers it would be of great help to me from your end for me to make money online. Am doing online job in paidvert but i am one of the refferal to some one but i din't like to do job for some other person have ihad any other way to disconnect this refferal link to some other. Knows that this is the ptc site which has paid its members a higher amount than any other ptc site as well as that neobux is the ptc site with the best rank in alexa for several years now.