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Get paid to work from home - Are some handy tips that will ensure that working from home has all the kudos of a day in the office:Breakfast at 7, desk at 9am and lunch at 1 whatever timetable works for you make sure you put it in place daily to to keep yourself from putting your alarm onto snooze and trying to squeeze a days work into a couple of hours. Research has indicated that home-working can actually be more productive, daily distractions such as the postman, the lure of daytime tv and having the freedom to take unlimited coffee breaks away from the watchful eyes of a hovering boss means that teleworking as a professional choice has to be honed down to a fine skill. . pursue your passion: if you've ever dreamt of writing a novel or starting your own business but were held back by fears of mounting bills and enduring yet another staycation, home-working could offer you the chance to earn money while simultaneously pursuing your dream career. . banish the 9 to 5: mothers who want to fit their working day around the school run or workers who have a other job commitments can negotiate one or more telecommuting roles into their own timetables, including substituting weekdays for weekends or working anti-social hours.

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