Get paid to write a book

Get paid to write books - Troll the comments sections of blogs you want to write for looking for questions to answer (for example, your comment could inspire a post about “x ways to generate new blog post ideas” – sure, it's been covered, but you could come up with a new angle and new techniques! My first small blog, big income e-book, i talk about how i guest posted weekly for a year for free on another writing website with a similar small audience to my own, just for the practice of learning how to serve another audience and write strong headlines and posts.  the point is if you are writing your book consciously as a tool to make more money, it's probably going to make the book less valuable to the reader because it won't be as focused on what's best and valuable for the reader.  one of the reasons i decided to go with mcgraw-hill was because they were willing to give me a bit more time to write tlars, i actually ended up getting about 6 months to work on the writing until we moved to the editing process.

Earn Money Writing - Get Paid To Write Books!

If you're writing a book, the most important question you'll probably have is how to make money as a writer? In this video, I will ...