Good business ideas for 12 year olds

Good business ideas for couples - Mr am vusi am an intreprenure i tried a barbershop wen i was 18 it broke because my equipment was stoled,bt i was a photographer since from grade 5 also my business broke also my equipment stoled n i lost all my customers den i found job bt my business wasn't function well i was working weekend now i stated onother business of send hire n garden so am confused with one to van i choose day can be successfully. Am very business minded and today ive watched a programme that inspired me to start up my own business so i was thinking that i could create my own makerspace club with teens round about my age that can also become young entreprenuers we can learn teach share ideas and help eachother become entreprenuers……do you think its a good idea. Making it a habit to save some, spend some and invest some of their money is a great way to get them thinking of different ways to grow their income – whether through buying and selling on ebay, investing in high-yield stock or using the money to buy inventory and supplies for business endeavors. 14 year old is talented in so many ways but decided to use her artistic ability and started to paint different items such as plates, in one case just a piece of wood, and finaly now painting chimneys of antiuqe lamps and clients love them.

Top 11 Business Ideas For Kids And Teenagers 2017

If you're still a kid or a teenager but want to run a business, Alex Jay has listen the top 11 business ideas for kids and teenagers ...