Good paying high school jobs

High paying typing jobs - “it's important to note, however, that most high-paying jobs available to high school grads involve skill sets that require extensive post-secondary training or several-years' worth of prior experience, and are often in fields that have seen declining employment in recent years. College degree has traditionally been stressed as the most direct path to a future that's financially secure, but many jobs open to workers with a high school diploma, particularly those requiring in-depth training or an apprenticeship, can also provide strong wages. Report stresses that requirements for entry-level employment vary by geography and employer, and it's important to note that while some of these jobs require little to no on-the-job training, many of them require several years of previous work experience. "it is a myth that only good jobs go to college graduates and that workers with high school degrees are destined to low-wage careers,” said rosemary haefner, vice president of human resources for careerbuilder, in a statement.

Top part-time jobs and industries for teens this summer

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