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Highest paying jobs in japan - . if i choose asian languages (japanese and korean) as my major in university, major of which i ll take the degree just in the first language that i chose( so in japanese ) and a good knowledge of korean and english can i still find a good english job in japan? I don't know if it is easier for us finnish people than other non-native speakers: my friends in japan have told me several times that “finnish method” is really popular learning system in japan due to finland's great success in international pisa research results. Do your time in these jobs, network and improve your japanese, and you can move on to something better within the same career field or find a whole new opportunity most gaijin don't know about or could not find on an average job board. Am currently doing a study graphic design and when i start my life in japan i will probably begin teaching, but after a while would it be possible to get a job doing graphic design or something alike?

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How to get a job in Japan - not english teaching or part-time jobs but real company jobs! How to find a job in Japan may seem ...