Good paying online jobs

Online jobs with good pay - I have three children and i want to afford their extracurricular activities such as baseball and gymnastics… i don't want to get a job that would keep me from taking them to practice and or games so i have been trying the online job search and as i have mentioned its basically one scam after the next…. I can consider myself to be somewhat of a computer nerd, i'm no timothy mcgee but if i can figure out how to find these jobs i think it can help, condidering i'm unemployed. The best part is that thanks to video meeting programs like skype and google hangout, all of the work and correspondence with the client can be done digitally making this a very profitable online job. As someone who's in the process of becoming a teacher, it's hard to find good jobs in the education field that's good pay, esp when you're not licensed yet.

10 Highest Paid Jobs You Can Do From Home

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