Great jobs for single moms

Flexible jobs for single moms - I am a soon-to-be single mom, sharing the responsibility with my ex, but this past week all of the following happened (we still live together): i was fired from a brand new job i was banking on, for ‘taking initiative', (battle axe, what do you do), i left a decent job that was paying the bills to do that because it meant more money, our landlord just said they are selling the house we rent early next year and we need to save huge to separate (yes, we rent because years ago my ex had cancer and savings went out the window as the former owned house fell apart and ‘pregnant me' was too much a mess to work so i took care of him best i could). I am a 22 year old single mother of a 4 year old boy i work a crappy retail job just to get what i can for my son i currently live with my mom i really want to live my life with my child i work so much and get paid so little and doctor appointments as well as my son getting sick or anything causes an issue at work for me when i need to call out i am extremely interested in doing what u do if u can give me information on this i would be so happy would love to do this ! I am a single mother trying to make enough to move forward in life nd get my own place nd not have to suffer with my crappy full time job i need better so u can do better for my son ! Following jobs are potentially desirable for working mothers, because they offer at least one of the following characteristics: well-paying, part-time employment; a flexible schedule; the ability to work from home part time; paid maternity leave; and/or good daycare benefits.

Job Search : Best Careers for Single Moms

There is no formula for the best careers for single moms, but it is important that the company is flexible with the needs of a single ...