Healthy snacks for vending machines

Snacks for vending machines - Study of the disc vending machine system looked at the following six vending machine interventions in three locations between june 2015 and august 2016: no intervention 25-second time delay on less healthy snacks 25-cent discount on healthy snacks 25-cent tax on less healthy snacks 25-second time delay on less healthy snacks and 25-cent discount on healthier snacks 25-second time delay and 25-cent tax on less healthy snackshealthy snack purchasing increased during the time delay condition, as well as when the machines were set to 25-cent discounts for healthier options or with a 25-cent additional tax on unhealthy snacks. Healthy snacks must meet 5 of 7 criteria which included: less than 250 calories per serving 35 percent or fewer calories from fat less than 350 milligrams of sodium per serving no trans fats less than 5 percent of daily value of saturated fat per serving more than 1 gram of dietary fiber per serving less than 10 grams of added sugar per serving"there is a major need for new dietary intervention strategies that combat obesity-promoting factors in the environment," said appelhans. Vending machine with the disc vending machine system also has an led screen, which displays the delay times for less healthy snack items, and a delivery countdown, which allows an individual to change their snack choice to a healthier option. To qualify as "healthy," snacks had to meet 5 out of 7 criteria, such as packing fewer than 250 calories, 350 mg of sodium or 10 mg of added sugars per serving, containing no transfats or getting less than 35 percent of their calories from fat.

4K VIDEO: Snack Vending Machine @ Leominster Hospital (Leominster, MA)

The cafeteria was closed, so I helped myself to some "healthy" food at the vending machine next to the main elevator bay ...