Home based typing jobs with good salary

Good home based jobs - Would like a job and am a senior typist and am ready to agree to your terms and conditions as soon as you offer me a typing job and an available 24/7 and even though its not about typing' am ready to do it online. Popular bpo companies that allow you to work from home:With an office based in makati, remote staff is an online outsourcing company where you can sign up as an applicant and then their recruitment team will match your skills with a potential client. Moreover, one can try to gain skills in other online jobs too, such as programming or content writing, so that he or she can apply for coding or online copywriting projects, both of which have a much higher paycheck. 'm a mother with two kids, i would be much grateful if you could consider this application… i would like to do a typing job from home, i'm very motivated, and i have 10 years of experience in typing.