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Hours per week in a part time job - | how many hours is full-time employment | types of work schedulespart-time jobs articles and advicehow to find a part-time jobhow to apply for a job in-personwhat to wear to a part-time job interviewpart-time job interview questions and answers. You have benefit coverage through a spouse or parent, however, working part time may pay nearly what a full-time position does (especially if paid hourly), and allow you more flexibility to pursue other interests as well. Of part-time jobspart-time jobs are available in a variety of industry and career fields—retail and hospitality positions are the most common, but most industries use some part-time workers to supplement their full-time staff. Need part time job really badly please i'm on my way to a separation please have an eight-year-old i've been out of job for the past 18 years i need one.

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