How big is the network marketing industry

How big is the affiliate marketing industry - I learned facebook ads and email marketing, learned how to target the right demographics for doterra, now people contact me wanting to know about the oils, then i got present and sign up, this my friend's is the best of both worlds and what everyone should learn, find your form of marketing, go teach and sign up and leave for friends and family alone, unless you know they'll want it. Major defining difference between other companies and mlm, is that they don't mass market themselves, spending millions of dollars on television, radio and internet ads, but instead allocate that portion of their budget to pay hard working distributors who pound the pavement, form personal al relationships with clients, advocate their product, and hence donthe “marketing” for them. Recent espn report (10) was a borderline hit-piece, covering mostly the negative aspects of network marketing, leaving the reader with ex-distributor quotes like these: “you catch people in a bad spot who maybe have hope that this could be a way for them to pay for their credit card and their kids, and you exploit them. M not at expert at this, but the least i can do is support her – but it's not my industry… i can only provide compassionate human advice on why someone doesn't want to spend 0 to change their lifestyle… if in your experience you have ever had strategies or procedures for success….

Facts About MLM Network Marketing Industry

Facts About MLM Network Marketing Industry. ...