How can a kid start their own business

How do kids start their own business -  2 months ago i am 11 and i want to make a business on selling slime but i don't know if i should make the business i already talked to my mom and she is ok with it and said she will help but i am nervous about it and i was looking into if i could make a business and this page really helped me with all of my questions thank you for this and you are really amazing. And i also don't want to sell candy at school cause i don't want to change from the kid that can't say no to the kid that makes people pay them for a little piece of food and im allergic to any kind of animal fur so i have no idea on what to do to get money other than chores cause my parents always forget to pay me cause tgeir to busy with their business!  2 years ago i am 12 and ive been begging my parents if i can start a business but they keep saying no and that i need to pay attention to school plus im not allowed to go anywhere without a parent i know how to do a lot of stuff like make bows, blankets, pom pom rugs, a whole bunch of stuff cause im a diy freak!  7 months ago hello i am ashanti and i am 13 years old, my step sister and i handed out dog walking palm flips and put them in people's letter boxes and that was about 5 days ago and still no calls what do i do know to make people want us to walk their dogs ?

The Ultimate Guide How to Make Money as a Kid or Teenager

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