How can college students save money

How can college students save money - Though the term is inelegant and brings to mind the worst kind of undergraduate stereotypes – you know the one, that you partied all day, partied all night and graduated without any real skills except the ability to shotgun a beer while wikipedia-ing a term paper for history class – the general concept of consuming food and drink at home before a night on the town is one that, if employed sensibly and in moderation, will save you money. That end, here are ten collegiate behaviors and habits that, if applied to your post-graduate life, can make you a more financially responsible adult and even save you money:Lowry explains how she was down to deciding between two colleges -- let's call them college a and college b -- and ready to enroll in college b when her dad made it clear to her exactly how much money she would owe if she chose that school. This process involved three of the most important money management skills you'll need in adulthood: saving (you didn't spend every last dime of your summer money), making a budget (you calculated what you earned and how much you could spend on books each semester), and most importantly, sticking to that budget, even when the income streams were not consistent throughout the year. Moore says this is a skill that you will definitely need even when you're not hitting the books, because when you're juggling saving for an emergency with saving in a 401k and paying down your student loans and trying to squirrel away fun money on the side, “there's rarely enough money to meet all of your financial goals.

7 Money Saving Tips and Ideas for College Students ♥ I saved over ,000 with Advice #4 ♥ Wengie

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