How can i make money in real estate

How can i earn money in real estate - Of the ways that the savviest real estate investors can make money in real estate is to take advantage of a situation that seems to crop up every few decades: when the rate of inflation is projected to exceed the current rate of long-term debt, you might find people willing to gamble by acquiring properties, borrowing money to finance the purchase, and then waiting for inflation to increase. Of course, there are always other ways to directly or indirectly profit from real estate, such as learning to specialize in more esoteric areas such as tax lien certificates, but those three items accounts for a vast majority of the passive income, and ultimate fortunes, that have been made in the real estate industry.  three primary ways to make money from real estate investmentsthe three primary ways investors make money from real estate are:An increase in the property valuerental income collected by leasing out the property to tenantsprofits generated from business activity that depends upon the real estatefor the most part, that is it.  buy one at the right price, at the right time, and with the right tenant and lease maturity profile, and you could sail through a real estate collapse collecting above average rental checks that the companies leasing from you have to still provide even when lower rates are available elsewhere.

How to Make Money in Real Estate - How to make money in real estate as taught be the leading real estate coach, Phil Pustejovsky.