How can i make money selling on the internet

How can i make money selling on the internet - Am keen on passive income and at first it was hard to get my husband to come to the idea as he just did not see how it could work, but as we've gone a long he can see now there are many opportunities out there, you just need to look, do a bit of work at the start and then if you set things up well, you can make money passively from then on. Make something that others want to see – think of videos like the treadmill dance by ok go, or star wars kid, mentos and coke guys, kelly's “shoes” video, chocolate rain, sick puppies “free hugs” video, boyce avenue's live acoustic performances of popular songs, and more (if you don't know these videos, just do a quick google search to see them). If i need to drastically increase the amount of product i sell or customers i attract to make good money, and that requires more of my own time to achieve, or cannot be easily outsourced to others (it often increases your labor just to organize outsourcers, so don't assume outsourcing is a magic solution), that's not the method for me. .The one point that can make a lot of difference, is knowing when to hang in for the long haul(give what we are trying out enough time to make a decision on it's performance) and just as importantly, knowing when to quit when something just isn't going anywhere(so as to avoid wasting time)….