How can i make money with my facebook fan page

How can i make money with my facebook fan page - Here is the final screenshot of created offer:If you know about facebook edge rank, by default any status update you post on fan page, doesn't reach to all and that's where facebook come with sponsored stories, where you set a budget to make your status update or offer reachable to more facebook users. Here is a video guide that shows you how to use facebook retargeting feature:They key to, offer a product which people are more likely to buy or offer something unique and especially for your facebook fans. This lets you have the opportunity to create a “home page” on facebook for your business, instead of funneling all your new visitors right to your wall, where not much action can be taken anyway. You can point users to specific custom tabs that you have created that may have special offers or use a pretty arrow to ask non-fans to “like” your page by pointing to the like button.

How To Make Money with Facebook Fan Pages in 2017 -Earn More Money On Facebook

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