How can teachers make extra money

How do teachers make extra money - The following options are just some of the ways supplemental income can boost a teacher's salary:From penning a series of children's books to helping to fight literacy to self-publishing teaching materials and workbooks, teachers with a knack for writing can use their summers productively to create and market their publications. Available through private companies, the federal government, charities and other sources, the money can be used to purchase much-needed school supplies, organize field trips, attend teacher conferences and workshops, or allow an educator to return to school for an advanced degree. . department of education mentions the following school district programs as examples:The effectiveness and results plan (colorado's harrison school district two): teachers earn pay raises that correspond with data related to student achievement and their individual performance as an educator. “teachers don't get paid enough” is what we constantly hear, but if you budget your money correctly and find ways to get paid for your expertise, you'll be able to keep the job you love and pay the mortgage.