How did steve jobs inventions changed the world

Steve jobs changed the world - Onion may have been joking around in its story: “last american who knew what the f**k he was doing dies,” but there's a scary aura of truth to the paper's words: “jobs will be remembered both for the life-changing products he created and for the fact that he was able to sit down, think clearly, and execute his ideas — attributes he shared with no other u. “if you look at the reason that the ipod exists and why apple is in that marketplace, it's because these really great japanese consumer electronics companies that invented and owned the portable music market couldn't conceive of and implement the appropriate software,” said jobs at an allthingsd conference in 2007. The collision of factors that has made apple so popular, and that allowed it to change the world — its simplicity, concentration on aesthetics, as well as its pr flair — meant that apple's smartwatch was far bigger news than anybody else's, despite the fact that it's not even launched. Everything about the pc is about to take a dramatic leap forward, whether you'r running android, ios, os x, windows, or anything else, and it's because of the work steve jobs has done and the ideas he's executed on in os x and ios devices.

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