How did steve jobs revolutionized technology

Steve jobs revolutionized technology - Frank rose, author of west of eden: the end of innocence at apple, says the biggest takeaway from jobs is that his "uncompromising nature and insistence on quality," combined with apple's enormous success, has greatly influenced the way designers, scientists, business leaders, and government officials make decisions about aesthetic and technical issues. Wozniak had already been passing out schematics of his computer designs for nothing, but jobs persuaded a local computer supplier, the byte shop, to place an order for 50 fully made-up computer boards - fully functional circuitry but lacking cases or the rf modulators necessary to connect to a television for display. Along with a revolution in the way we listen to music and access different media, jobs took existing devices and technology—things like the computer mouse and multitouch gestures—and transformed them into part of a highly integrated system. An innovator and visionary, steve jobs's accomplishments can be held on a pedestal with the likes of microsoft's (msft) bill gates, google's (goog) larry page and sergey brin and facebook's (fb) mark zuckerberg.

Saying Goodbye to Steve Jobs: How the Apple Co-Founder Revolutionized Technology

From the iPod to the iPad, Steve Jobs changed the way we interact with the personal computer. How did he change our culture ...