How do i make money guild renaissance

How i earn money through internet - "[43] he also claims that banking guild memberships cannot be used as a proxy for general economic conditions, as the problem could be that "by this time, in fact, florentine guilds had long lost much of an economic function in the areas of their formally defined activity, with the result that the quality of their internal administration deteriorated; but this institutional history cannot be taken as an indicator of the vitality of the respective sectors of the economy the guilds nominally represented. Branch manager (the governatore, or "governor", would have put up a portion of his own money at the start of the partnership) and the investing partners could take out their profits at this point, since salaries or dividends were not paid when the partnership agreement was in effect, but usually the florentine partners (maggiori, "seniors") and the branch manager would then incorporate a fresh partnership if the manager's performance had been satisfactory. This shift in the monetary system perhaps reflected a systemic slowdown or recession in late medieval europe in general: the arte del cambio's records of member banks record a drastic decline in membership such that the guild fell from 71 banks in 1399, to 33 in 1460, and then the guild itself into disuse, the outside chronicler giovanni cambi noting that of the 9 large banks left in florence by 1516, one failed on december 25. [34] it is certain, however, that piero tried to wind up the london branch and recover as much of the loans made to edward iv as possible, ordered the milan branch to loan less, instructed tommaso portinari of the bruges branch to get rid of the galleys and not make any loans to secular rulers, and attempted to shut down the venice branch which was no longer profitable.

How to Make Money (Gold) in Guild Wars 2 - 2017 Guide

AGamer here and we all love gold and money. How do you make a decent amount in GW2? What techniques or way do I use?