How do i publish an ebook on amazon

How to publish an amazon ebook - Well, in today's democratized publishing world, there are an increasing number of payment and delivery platforms that allow an author to sell their own books while side-stepping the kindle tax, while also allowing them to truly own the customer (remember: amazon always owns the customer, especially since authors never know who is buying their books). The arrival of turnkey self-publishing in the form of amazon's kindle platform that enables an author to instantly start selling their books on the world's biggest book marketplace, authors big and small have realized that they no longer need big publishing in order to get their works out into the world and start making money. Might also like:6 ways to improve your romantic thriller novel7 quotes from writers about dads (happy father's day)how taking a new path in writing can fire up your musewriting fiction: a good story must be disturbingdon't give up on your writing dream: 5 tips when self-publishing your book. Whether they are an established writer who has made a name through traditional publishing or someone who happens to have a following as a result of their profession or through some other claim to fame, an author can monetize pretty quickly by uploading and hitting publish.

How To Publish A Kindle eBook Today On Amazon

Start Making Money With Kindle Publishing: Ever wonder how to publish a Kindle eBook on Amazon?