How do independent artist make money

How do stocks make money - Perrin's story suggests, it's possible that momentum on spotify (particularly through prominent playlist features) has a tendency to build and build from year to year, as opposed to the old system where artists that were fortunate enough to get a song heard had a limited amount of time to make an impression on fans they had no direct connection to, and a limited amount of tools to build on whatever energy was created during that short burst. Josh is positioning perrin's story as an alternate narrative to the tales of a streaming music apocalypse told by (or about) megastars like thom yorke, pharrell, and aloe blacc — artists who are often cited as recipients of dismal streaming payouts, or who've been vocal themselves about the unsustainability of the streaming model. While there's no disputing that it can be a challenge (which is why you need other reasons to do music than just making money), the fact remains that if you are the kind of person who is dedicated and resourceful, it is possible to earn income from your talent. After all, most major label contracts, even in the digital age, employ outdated accounting practices in order to make sure they profit first before the artist (if the artist is ever lucky enough to recoup on their advance and any expenses charged in their name).

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