How do online data entry jobs work

How to work online data entry jobs - Home-based data entry jobs are for independent contractors rather than employees (which means there is no guarantee of minimum wage), data entry compensate workers using a variety of rate structures, such as:Hourly wage (rare) per-piece (common in crowdsourcing operations)keystrokes per hour or keystrokes per minuteper-word. Marketing, data processing, data entry, css, psd to html,Filipinos sales expert outreach professionals needed,We are looking for few good sales expert outreach professionals to work with our company, this is for long term contract and more like a part of the company members. To include all colours and sizes variations setup correctly, along with correct pricing and item weight set correctly (so shipping works correctly) and product images are uploaded correctly, so that when colour is chosen, the correct colour image is displayed. What equipment is used (most often a keyboard) and what types of data (alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic) as well as where the data is coming from, often an image or audio file, can all vary.

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