How do you get a book published on kindle

How do you publish a book on amazon - How to format your book with ms word – no html or fancy software required (unless you want to be fancy and then we show you that too – but this is a stumbling block for many first-time authors so i have made it deliberately simple) all the details of cover design and even a step-by-step on commissioning your cover at my favourite design website how to position your book to sell on amazon - everything you need to know - from categories to keywords insider pricing and promotion secrets to get sales - this alone can get you a bestseller without any additional marketing - i know - i've tested it! The first month is generally a bit of a write off and don't expect to make much, since it takes a few weeks to get everything up and running – your kindle e-book, cover, publishing it, getting reviews, promoting it, etc… it's the 2nd month where you start to see how profitable your kindle book is and how much money you're making from it.  there are writers that i personally use for my kindle books that do a great job and write my books anywhere from -, which i prefer to keep them to myself and kindle money mastery members as i don't want everyone to be using them, but if you dig around enough and find the right person you can get your books done for less than ! And the great thing is that they are buyers they have already bought your book and anyone in business knows that the value of a client or customer who wants the information or service you are offering and has paid for it – even the small price of a kindle book – is worth many times the value of someone just casually browsing.

How To Self Publish a Kindle E-book on Amazon's KDP Select -- Join the Self-Publishing Revolution My comprehensive step-by-step course on self-publishing.