How do you make money podcasting

How do you make money podcasting - , and the huffington post, podcaster yann ilunga explains why networking might very well be the most profitable element of podcasting:Regardless of whether you're hosting an interview–based podcast or not, relationships are a very powerful element in podcast, just like in business. All, that's the typical audience size many advertisers want as an entry point to advertise on a podcast, and even then, those podcasters with that big an audience often find it hard to make a living on ads alone. But even among those who do it strictly for the love of podcasting, after awhile, once you've built up an audience, there comes a time when you think to yourself, "i can't keep doing this for free. Kastner of alaska hdtv used to be a mevio customer but left because he was unsatisfied with what he was being offered (he wasn't willing to make a cpa deal) and the opaqueness of the deals.

How To Make Money Podcasting (Ep21)

How can you make money from your podcast? Here are 10 ways podcasters are generating an income from their podcast and ...