How do you write and publish an ebook

How do you self publish an ebook - More training from the entrepreneur academy here: how to teach online and create a passive income stream (advanced) - join now how to implement ideas - join now video marketing for beginners - join now how to launch a business without quitting your day job -join now how to create a passive income teaching online (beginners) - join now how to make extra money online now - join now no excuses: 5 ways to jumpstart that emergency fund - join now how to set simple goals and achieve massive success - free course code  how to achieve success as a single parent - join now connect with me:  facebook - twitter - youtube - website includes: video module training center lifetime access 30 day money back guarantee access to instructor. 'm currently wavering on exactly how to publish it – yes you can get kindle apps on all devices but some people have different preferences (such as stanza, or ibooks) and want to be able to read books there, there's also the issue that some people have ereaders which are not kindles (i used to be one of them, and i have many friends who own sonys or nooks), i guess it partially depends on what kind of book you're publishing and the target audience. This class, Tara's broken her process down into 5 easy steps:Choose your idea and create an outlineUse what you've got to write your book fastEdit and format your book so you can distribute it on a number of platformsPublish your book on your own website or AmazonMarket your book and get people reading itStop dreaming of becoming a published author some day and start making it happen. Thing, though, i'm not sure how good their formatting service is and it doesn't look like you can proof read your ebook on a reader device (i proof all my ebooks on my kindle prior to sending them to bookbaby), so it's kind of a shot in the dark if you don't have a level of quality control there.

How to Write and Publish an eBook in 5 Days

Tara Gentile takes you step by step how to write and publish your first ebook in 5 days. RSVP for the class here: ...