How does japan make their money

Spending money for japan - Even if that doesn't happen, there's mounting concern that when banks absorb the cost of negative rates themselves, it squeezes the profit margin between their lending and deposit rates, and might make them even less willing to lend. Makes sense to do so, they say, because shipping costs, taxes and duties often make it more expensive to ship parts and supplies from the home country than to source them here, where the plants and office facilities are located. One reason is that there are tremendous tax and currency exchange savings to be had doing it that way, versus sending the money back to japan and then having to pull funding from japan to finance u. If banks make more customers pay to hold their money, cash may go under the mattress or into a safe instead, robbing lenders of a crucial source of funding and perhaps even triggering a bank run.

How much do Japanese people earn/spend every month?

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