How much can you sell your body to science for

Can you sell your body to science for money - One very extensive genetic study, the personal genomes project, lists what your genetic data could expose you to: "anyone with sufficient knowledge" could take that data and "infer paternity or other features of the participant's genealogy," "claim relatedness to criminals or incriminate relatives," or even "make synthetic dna corresponding to the participant and plant it at a crime scene. " they concluded that, despite disagreement among bioethicists, research institutions are not going to stop using money as a recruitment tool any time soon, and there seems to be no shortage of people willing to sell their bodies to science—human subjects even have their own jobzine, guinea pig zero. They argued that the lack of consensus among bioethicists has resulted in an ad hoc, patchwork system that leaves too much up to the individual researchers, who may have good intentions but are "likely to subconsciously exploit, coerce, and put subject health at risk. Lacks and the paradox of science and privacysocial justicewhy we should think twice about giving genetic tests to our kidsenvironmenthow scientific progress is changing the stem cell debateenvironmentdo your grandmother's experiences really make it into your genes?

How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth?

In the United states, there are 123000 people in need of an organ. How much are your body parts worth? Laci is here to discuss ...