How much do i need to start investing

How much money do i need to start investing - The fear that stops you from making a good investment because you've suffered a couple of losers in a row, the greed that makes you stake too much on the next one because you've won a couple in a row or even the anger that causes you to make investments that you shouldn't do because you want revenge on the markets, these are the real financial killers and getting them under control is one of the most critical requirements of successful investing. If you start with a slightly larger fund it might seem like you have more at risk initially but the flipside is that you can spread your investment which if done correctly can actually keep your money more secure whilst still giving you the opportunity to invest in some slightly higher risk markets with larger potential upsides. If the differences between the two approaches is purely psychological then it would seem that a good way to learn the psychological discipline required would be to start with a small amount so any mistakes you make do as little damage as possible and become easier to learn from and move on. Psychologically it's far easier to start with a small amount because if you jump straight into the market with your life savings then you're making something that's already difficult 10 times harder because you know you can't afford to lose.

Investment Advice : How Much Money Do You Need to Start Investing?

The minimum amount of money needed to start investing is typically between 0 and 00, though 00 will provide the best ...