How much do online teaching jobs pay

Highest paying online teaching jobs - Example, if you are making ,000 per course and teaching six online courses per year, and then triple this workload by adding two more schools, you'd still only be making ,000 annually—with no benefits, while teaching a grueling 18 courses per year. Who wish to make a full-time salary doing online adjunct work will do best if they find courses that require the least amount of reading and grading time: those that use easy-to-grade or auto-graded assignments like multiple-choice tests. A school like upper iowa university—which caps class size at 15, and averages even fewer students per class—may provide a more enjoyable, less time-consuming teaching experience than a school with 30, 50 or more students per class. Besides creating a curriculum, assigning homework, and setting up quizzes, online teachers have the additional challenge of organizing and tailoring their coursework to make it accessible and visually compelling to students accessing course materials remotely.

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