How much do spanish translators get paid

How much translators get paid - Madonna didn't throw her money around when she hired extras to make a quickie pop video - she hired people on the cheap who were prepared to work a 12-hour day for £65to throw money at a problem intentar solucionar un problema a base de dinero rather than simply throwing money and technology at the problem, we needed to establish priorities for our financial and technical resourcesto get one's money's worth sacar partido a su dinero he certainly gives the audience its money's worth la verdad es que con él el público sale contento having paid so much, i was determined to get my money's worthmoney can't buy happiness el dinero no da or trae la felicidadmoney makes money dinero llama dineromoney makes the world go round el dinero mueve montañas money makes the world go round, and much more so after 16 years in which money and markets have made inexorable advances into corners of society where social and ethical considerations once used to apply(the love of) money is the root of all evil el dinero es la raíz de todos los malesmoney talks poderoso caballero es don dineroburn coin colour even hand hand licence marry ready 2 (jur) monies or moneys (pl) sumas (f) de dinero monies paid out we drew up a scedule of payments for the rest of the monies owed pension fund trustees should be brought to parliamentary account over the misuse of these monies the moneys allotted to the school budgetpublic monies dinero (m) público plans that would shift public moneys into private schools it is absurd to spend government time, public moneys and people's own anxieties on trivial risksmodifier [+worries, problems] de dinero; económico a lot of people are hitting money problems because their income has fallen it's easy for people with no money problems if you are in debt or having money problems, we can help he committed suicide last year because of money worriesmoney back guarantee (n) garantía (f) de devolución (del dinero) the money back guarantee is valid for three months there's a money back guarantee on all our productsmoney belt (n) riñonera (f) hart tucked the pouch into his own money belt next to his skin chance kept his poker winnings in a soft-skin money belt beneath his shirt i strapped on my money-beltmoney economy (n) economía (f) monetaria the breakdown of the traditional family, creation of centralized governments, and the growth of the money economy have all been contributory factors women were not part of the money economy technological societies based on a money economymoney market (n) bolsa (f) or mercado (m) de valores; mercado (m) monetario on the money markets the dollar was weaker against european currencies millions of yen stashed away in money market certificates the bundesbank has already cut money market rates 1 percentmoney matters (n) asuntos (m) financieros i was reluctant to bring up money matters for fear of seeming mercenary bankers are presumed to know about money matters and doctors about medicinemoney order (n) (us) giro (m) postal checks and money orders are accepted for deposit onlymoney prize (n) premio (m) en metálico a tennis tournament offering substantial money prizesmoney spider (n) araña (f) de la suertethe money supply (n) la oferta or masa monetaria; el volumen de moneda they believed that controlling the money supply would reduce inflation they seek and get higher money wages to offset tax increases workers would take their share partly in higher money wages, partly in lower prices for imported products unlike medieval retainers they earn money wagescollins complete spanish electronic dictionary © harpercollins publishers 2011phrases with "money"here are the most popular phrases with "money. He gets his money on fridays to get one's money [back] i want my money [back] an investor who wants to get his money back in a hurry if you cancel the booking you don't get your money back i lent him £10 knowing full well i wouldn't get it backto earn good money ganar un buen sueldo; ganar su buen dinero or dinerito (informal); ganar sus buenos dineros or dineritos (informal) i was earning good money then - i couldn't afford two holidays a year now you can earn good money as a software engineer i paid or gave good money for it pagué un buen dinero por elloi'd rather be paid in money prefiero que me paguen en dinero he paid his servants in kind rather than in money the refund can be paid in money or in the form of a credit voucheryour money or your life!  no direct translation money supplyoferta or masa monetariacopyright © 2006 harrap publishers limitedmoney [ˈmʌnɪ] noun1 (gen) dinero (m) spanish money dinero español; there's money in second-hand cars los coches de segunda mano son (un) buen negocio"money back if not satisfied" "si no queda satisfecho le devolvemos su dinero" we're talking [big] money the drug pushers were making big money outside the school gates the impact of big money on policy and politics the really big money in athletics is found elsewhereto bring in money aportar dinero who brings in all the money in this household? Moneyel papel monedaget moneyconseguir dinerolots of moneyun montón de dineroi have no moneyno tengo dineroa lot of moneymucho dineroas much money astanto dinero comohow much money do you havecuánto dinero tienespocket moneyla paga, el dinero de bolsillono moneynada de dineromoney orderel giro postalhow much moneycuánto dineroit costs a lot of moneycuesta mucho dinerosome moneydineroenough moneysuficiente dinerosave moneyahorrar dineromore moneymás dineromake moneyganar dineroraise moneyrecaudar fondosspend moneygastar dineroearn moneyganar dineroexamples.

How much can a Freelance Translator Earn

There's a pretty enormous gap between what's normal and what's possible. Per word translation rates in the US, for example, tend ...